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We are a luxury travel management company dedicated to creating unique, authentic experiences that engage and indulge your senses. We specialize in customized tours in the Belarus, created for discerning travelers who expect the highest level of luxury, service, and attention to detail.

We understand and believe that travel should be enjoyable, amazing, intriguing, exciting, unforgettable and even life-changing. What sets us apart from the others is our commitment to provide our clients transformative experiences that are stress-free, without the pressure of time, without compromises, where every need is pre-empted and every expectation is met or exceeded.

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When on a foreign land travelling on an unchartered territory, you need a person to depend on, even at odd hours. We assign an executive to each of the client as one point contact during the travel, ensuring that the guest is always in touch with a familiar voice, as well the executive has all know how of the client. We work 24 x 7 to support the clients, right from the enquiry stage till the departure, our executives are always ready to take the call, even if it is at odd hours or for odd reasons.


We believe that the modern traveller wants to explore in a thoughtful and sustainable manner. We are geared to provide you just what you need, in the price you are willing to pay.


We are priced effectively to make, retain and sustain our relation with you. We want to have you visit us again and again!


We bring you the ease to book flights, hotels or customise packages for self, for your company or a travel group – all under one roof!


We are a luxury travel management company dedicated to creating unique, authentic experiences that engage and indulge your senses.

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We are here to render the best services to our clients who are part of our goal. Our clients, over the years, multiplied from small enterprises to big companies that include both the private and public sector undertakings and thus leading us to spread all over the nation. Travellers’ feedbacks are our assets. It helps us to gain our confidence level and improve our services to meet every client needs.


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We know what works. With Years of Experience in the Industry, We Know that 10-12 is a perfect number for a group to travel alongside. We ensure every member of groups travelling with us feels as special as they should, while on a travel.And we’re not afraid to shout about it. We refuse to sacrifice quality, independence and freedom, and believe solo adventures should go hand in hand with unforgettable moments with like-minded travellers. We offer variety, comfort and value for money, and promise a hassle-free holiday, loaded with authentic local experiences.


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