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Astrology :
The stars and planets have both positive and negative impact on the lives of people. The science that manages the investigation of the overall situation of these superb bodies, and its effect on the human life-individual and expert is called Astrology. The hugeness of this antiquated science is ascribed to the way that it decides one's future based on birth outline or Kundali (arranged by master celestial prophets utilizing the precise time of birth).

Jyotish :
Otherwise called Hindu or Vedic Astrology, 'Jyotish' started from the Sanskrit word, 'Jyothisham', which thus is identified with the term, 'Jyoti', which means light. In this way, Jyotish infers the old study of light, which is separated into three classifications Siddhanta, Samhita and Hora. The significance of these sub-divisions are referenced beneath

* Siddhanta is the computation that is utilized in making Panchang.
* Samhita helps in deciding the Shubh Muhurat for a propitious occasion.
* One's future is anticipated utilizing the standards related with Hora. Additionally, there are 16 Vargas that structure the premise of a Jyotish outline in Hindu or Vedic Astrology.


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vastu shastra

Vastu Shastra


Pt. Vikash Shastri (Vedic Astrologer)

About us

Pt.Vikash Shastri


National Doordarshan Astrologer (Expert in Astrology, vastu gemstones and vedic puja.)
Pt. Vikash Shastri, originates from a group of famous celestial prophets who have been rehearsing soothsaying throughout the hundreds of years. He has been offering his types of assistance in soothsaying, vaastu shastra, numerology, palmistry and so on. for more than 20 years and has engraved his name as a prestigious crystal gazer in the nation. Thousands of customers have profited by his recommendation and discovered answers for their problems. Pt.Vikash Shastri ji has likewise seemed numerous multiple times in media and is related with numerous distributions. He has won various honors and awards and has earned far reaching acknowledgment for his unerring forecasts. He is a ravenous peruser of shastra, profound books, Genuine issues, Spiritual Life. Shri Shastri offers his proposals dependent on the mind boggling and precise counts gained from rehearsing Astrology for a long time. His immense involvement with offering answers for his customers has built up his notoriety for being a set up Astro proficient. He is an ardent aficionado of "Maa Durga" and ascribes his prosperity profession to her endowments.

  • How Pt. Vikash Shastri is the Best Vastu and Astrologer ?


    How Pt. Vikash Shastri is the Best Vastu and Astrologer ?

    Vikash Shastri (Senior Vastu Consultant) is the Punjab highest Qualified Vastu consultant (MA, MBA, Ph.D (Sociol), Ph.D (Vastu), D.Lit (Vastu) with Scientific, Logical & Authentic methodology.

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    Family have 400 years experiance in Astrology. Best Punjab Astrologer.

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    Horoscope, Vastu , Genstones , vedic puja path, MachMaking , Kalsrap dosh, Manglik dosh, Pitar dosh, Face reading

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