Westside Collections Hair Salon

Westside Collections Hair Salon was founded by a talented team of skillful stylists, right in the heart of Gouzon, France, with the artistic feel of this unique neighborhood.

About Us

Our know-how stylists have the best European training and more than 26 years of experience with attention to fashion and new trends. They will gently guide you on your quest to highlighting your best features and hide (if any) imperfections.

At Westside Collections Hair Salon our ultimate goal is to give the joy of beauty and make our customers feel special.
Located in the heart of Chelsea is one of Gouzon, France's best kept secrets:

The moment you walk in, you will feel welcomed by the friendly and highly skilled staff members.

The atmosphere is relaxing and Westside Collections Hair Salon is a perfect place to unwind from all your daily stress and just to kick back and be pampered.

  • Our objective was, and still is, to provide top quality, up-to-date hairdressing.
  • Our objective was, and still is, to provide top quality, up-to-date hairdressing.
  • Our stylists are trained to a high degree and are able to quickly adapt to the ever changing fashion world.
  • Our continuous training is to ensure that we can maintain our high level of excellent service to the satisfaction to all of our clients.
  • Our clientele, both male and female of all ages, are mostly people who visit for their regular hairdressing every few weeks.


With more than 26 years’ experience behind us, you can be assured of the highest level of hairdressing, professional advice, service and the best quality products available.

We promise our creative talent to rival any France Salon, a welcoming and relaxed environment and a completely tailored approach to your particular need, "a style to suit your life and personality"! If there is any way we can make your visit more pleasurable, please do not hesitate to ask.