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One of America’s oldest private weather services and the leaders in storm tracking and lightning safety for outdoor events.

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  • Experienced Meteorologists
  • Exclusive STORM ALERT service
  • Graduated rate scales
  • Custom-tailored weather solutions for any type of client
  • 24/7 round the clock coverage
  • Climate and weather studies

Exclusive Storm Alert Service If weather adversely affects your operations, let us worry about it for you ! From flood situations to tropical storms, severe thunderstorms and snowstorms, we can let you know when and where weather will affect your business. We cover every type of weather for any type of industry. Here’s some examples of how our Storm Alert Service assists some of our current clients! Snow and Ice forecasts for airports
Pinpoint rainfall forecasting for contractors
Thunderstorm and rain forecasting for concerts and outdoor events
Environmental forecasting for railroads
Hurricane and tropical storm forecasting for large businesses
Snow and ice forecasting for municipalities and highway departments
Rain forecasting for environmental engineers and landfills
Snow and ice forecasting for school departments
Rain and storm forecasting for any type of outside event!
Much, much more!

Research testifyWe’ve provided hundreds of reports to law firms, insurance companies and Attorney General’s offices. We’ve covered everything from common ‘slip and fall’ cases to highway accidents, oil rig fires and even murders. Weather Spark Weather Service can do the research and determine what factor the weather played in any incident. We’ll provide the written report and testify in court should the need arise. Wayne Mahar has appeared as an Expert Witness in local and Supreme Court cases dozens of times. With years of experience, you can count on our testimony to help your case. With an extensive climate library available, we offer prompt, reliable service. Call anytime for a free initial consultation. We’re just a phone call away – Weather Spark Weather Service – or, click here to request more information via e-mail! India, ME office 0731 262 1488 Contact us for more information on our railroad environmental monitoring services and how you can help lessen the impact of Mother Nature on your railroad!

Among the hundreds of who we service and have had the pleasure to service include:

We are the forecasters to the stars! Fairs, festivals, concerts and any type of outdoor events. Stop worrying about the weather. Let Weather Spark Weather Service do the worrying for you.

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