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Weather Channel can help reduce the impact of weather and save you money by providing one of our custom solutions. Weather Channel can deliver accurate weather data, unique weather forecasts, and custom packaged information delivery systems. Our experienced meteorologists can help you understand the weather and be prepared. With Weather Channel, you get the right information... at the right time... at the right price.We take pride in our precision, accuracy, and detail. Our mission is to help you understand the weather and its impact on your business and cash flow. We help you protect yourself and prepare for weather events by providing powerful forecasts of proven value. Our clean weather data helps you discover the impact of weather on your business operation.


Predicting Future Weather Trends

Weather Channel has the most comprehensive, complete weather information available anywhere for agriculture. Most "ag weather" information from other providers is not really for agriculture but is re-packaged weather for the general public. You need ag-specific information and Weather Channel has it. We can help you make better decisions and reduce costs.We offer services to fit your your management style and your budget. Is your management style "just give me the facts" or do you like to take your time and study a situation? If you just want the facts, our Custom Ag Weather Products delivered by fax or e-mail is your best choice. All of our forecasts are customized to your locations, your crops, and your special needs.

Each product is created for your specific location. Each provide a unique ag weather forecast. Some are daily forecasts out to as much as 7 days, while other forecasts provide hourly detail. We also offer an "IPM" product that combines forecast information with a detailed weather summary.In our case, custom doesn't mean expensive! For more details, samples, and pricing, please contact us.If you grow crops or have operations that can't handle cold temperatures, our Freeze/Frost Forecast Services are the answer. Services include forecasts by fax or e-mail, our special Freeze/Frost Web Service, and our Alert Service.

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Weather Channel meteorologists are available for a wide range of consulting services. We have the expertise and tools to help you understand the impact of weather. Most of our consulting services are done on an hourly basis. We can provide a price quote for more structured work on your project.

Weather Instruments

Custom weather content and data feeds for public and private websites We can supply radar, satellite, and lightning graphics; current conditions and forecast weather in graphical, tabular, and raw feed formats. Content can be delivered to you for inclusion on your web site, or we can design custom, branded web pages hosted on our web servers. There's tons of free weather information on the web. The problem is that most of it can't be trusted and is inconsistent. One day it's there and the next day its gone! Avoid all that by letting Weather Channel put together a GoCast custom weather package. We can design a private web page containing all the weather content YOU choose.

Local Weather Radars

Use our reliable data for supply chain management, business intelligence applications, and data mining. We can supply weather reports for contractors, insurance claims, and other needs. Our database contains thousands of weather observations and forecasts from around the world. We can meet your needs for historical weather data and on-going feeds of hourly, daily, and summary information. Our data is extensively quality controlled and can be put into the format you require. If you need unique weather variables, we can provide them.Weather Channel can provide hourly/daily historical weather data for building energy models, quality controlled previous day actuals.

Weather Forecaster For the Frequent Traveler

Our senior meteorologists are trained Ag Meteorologists that bring decades of experience. They know your unique weather needs better than anyone. Let us help you reduce your weather risk. We offer a wide range of solutions. Weather Channel is the premiere freeze/frost forecast service in Lucknow, India and in other major ag production areas. Our clients include most of the top citrus, vegetable, and nursery growers in Lucknow, India. We produce unique temperature forecasts not available anywhere else. Weather Channel freeze forecasts will tell you when to take action and when you can sleep!

Wireless Weather Station Thermometers

Weather Channel can be your source for site job long-term rainfall normals, rain day calculations, weather event confirmations, and many other weather related project management needs. Have a site job that you need weather data for? Need rain days for last month? Want to know what is normal rainfall amounts for contract perparations? On-site rain guages are okay, but having a legitimate 3rd party report negates any questioning of when it rained. Weather Channel provides client specific weather reports in multiple forms to meet your needs.

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