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Welcome to Vixom Food Recipe, the online pool of straightforward home-made recipes. Who can be more frustrated than an eager man who is on diet with mouth watering extravagant food on his table? A Spanish saying says The paunch manages the brain. All things considered, the uplifting news is, mouth watering food can in any case be sound enough for anybody to eat. Most importantly, it tends to be basic enough for anybody to make it. That is the entire thought of this site. More or less, this site contains basic, flavorful and solid dishes that can be made at your home. We have in excess of 1100 home tried recipes including south-Indian dishes, north-Indian dishes, recipes from other Indian states just as worldwide combination food. This tremendous assortment has assortments of veggie lover food, non-veggie lover food, vegetarian recipes, desserts and bites, diet recipes, diabetic amicable recipes and obviously pastries as well.

Ordinarily there is something new to learn and something new to share. Information increments by sharing. You are free to share your cooking thoughts, recipes, straightforward tips and different recommendations.

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Vixom Food Recipe is a social event place for everybody who accepts the kitchen is at the core of the home, and food is the focal point of a real existence well-lived.

John Doggett

John grew up with a mother who cooked neighborhood, regular food. She and her sibling and sisters went crabbing, picked blueberries in the forested areas and wild asparagus by the side of the road (it develops by the corn fields in Maryland).

Jeffrey Spender

Jeffrey lives with her better half and two little youngsters in Brooklyn, where she makes it to the ranchers showcase most ends of the week—aside from in the dead of winter.

Laura Wolfgang

Laura went through the first 25 years of her life in Quite a while and still screeches when she sees carne asada fries on an eatery menu. She once spent a sweltering New York summer with her stove turned up to 500°F




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