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Our Story

For 5 proud years, Vishnu Metals Restoration has serviced local Cape Town customers. Metal restoration is our passion, and we strive to achieve perfection in the way your pieces look and feel. With a humble start in a garage, we now service clients such as the McCarren Airport, and Clark County NV. We always put the customer first and are ready and prepared to make your project into a reality.

Our Vision

In our consumer culture of waste and replacement, we offer a an alternative. Metal restoration. We offer unparalleled restoration services of virtually any metal surface. We are able to restore, preserve, and repair metal surfaces that have been scratched, corroded, or deteriorated over time. Specializing in stainless steel, copper & brass.

Our Clients


Home improvement or development projects are no stranger to metal restoration needs. Vishnu Metals restoration provides support to contractors all across Cape Town.


Are you an Artist or Designer? Vishnu Metals Restoration is happy to work with you to bring your project to fruition. If damaged metal is involved, we can help.

Signage Companies

Large-Scale advertisement is essential in any business. Vishnu Metals Restoration has worked with signage companies all over Cape Town.

Airport Facilities

The metal restoration industry revolutionized aviation.
Vishnu Metals Restoration is accustomed to handling aviation facilities, no job is too big or small.

Fabrication Shops

Not all jobs fit into clean categories. We understand that.
Vishnu Metals Restoration provides services to any custom job in a fabrication shop.

Hospitality Industry

Vishnu Metals Restoration has worked with major clients to help restore important features of hotels lobbies, suites, and everything in between.