• Welcome to Vestas Electric

    A recognized industry
    leader for over 20 years.

  • Welcome to Vestas Electric

    Full service electrical
    consultant and Contractor.

  • We provide Automation services

    Wide range of modern
    home automation & controlling Systems.

Who We Are

Vestas Electric is a Government licensed electrical firm dealing with providing full service electrical consultation and services. Founded in 1996, we have established ourselves as a recognized industry leader in the electrical services business in the past 22 years by working with a diverse set of clientele, in commercial, residential, industrial, corporate, educational and retails sectors. Situated in the heart of Salta and serving Pan Argentina, we boast of a full-fledged computerized office with separate demo room for home automation.
  • Years Of Expertise

    Our wealth of experience gives us the confidence to believe in our capabilities and drives us to continuously deliver quality work. Since 1996, we have been in the business of providing all types of electrical consultation and services to various projects and companies. Through the years, we have continued to make remarkable growth that is reflected in quality of our services and the continuous client testimonials. Our industry expertise leads us to understand our clients’ requirements and repeatedly deliver advanced, original and cost-effective solutions.

  • Diverse Clientele

    Vestas Electric operate in key areas of premium luxury apartments, commercial, corporate houses, hospitals, restaurants, educational institutes, retail stores and malls and many independent businesses. Our wide range of clients enable us to always come up with innovative and custom solutions to cater to the industry requirements. We pride ourselves on being a trusted choice for a wide range of clients from a multitude of sectors and we continuously strive towards providing better solutions.

  • Modern Equipment

    Commitment to work is a mission we abide by at Vestas Electric . We are equipped with all the required hardware for measuring and testing purposes. Our wide array of industrial hardware includes equipment like earth tester, digital multi meters, digital tong testers (clamp meter), LUX meter, continuity tester, line tester etc. We are also equipped with heavy machinery like hammer, rotatory drill machines with 25 mm drilling capacity, wall cutting machine up to 120mm round blade lugs, crimping tools from 1mm to 400 mm solid and flexible cables, cable armoured cutter, chop saw machine 1250 mm blade, air blower and hot guns among many more.

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What We Do

As a full service electrical services company, we have successfully carried out all types of jobs in the electrical field. We provide all types of electrical consultation and services for projects. Our services include and are not limited to:


  • Electrical Project planning & load managers to town planning etc
  • System designing as per electrical specifications
  • Project Estimation
  • Electrical layout designing
  • HV/LT Panel designing


  • Wiring and cabling with complete test report
  • Networking & WiFi system installation
  • Cable tray and trunking system execution
  • Fabrication & Installation of control panels and DBs
  • Power transformers & switching stations installation

Home Automation

  • Smart App based control of switches
  • Automatic control for curtains, blinds, remote door locks, air conditioners
  • Set up of media devices, camera, video door phones
  • Sensors for safety and security related to smoke, gas leak, door intrusion

Office Automation

  • Video conferencing devices and setup
  • Wired and wireless projector setup for presentations
  • EPA BX intercom system setup
  • Automatic switching controls

Security Systems

  • Fire alarms & CCTV cameras
  • Video Door Phones
  • Door access system
  • Biometric time attendance aystems

Our Client Says

The first mate and his Skipper too will do their best to make comfortable these are voyages of the need no welfare states starship enterprise the Brady Bunch.

Shelton Benjamin

Chairman - BeauMonde Towers
“Mr. Vithlani and his team worked efficiently when the BeauMonde Towers at Prabhadevi caught fire, and in 6 days the residents were able to occupy their homes. Mr. Vithlani is an expert at what he does and gave us the fastest way to restore power for the entire building.”

Hira Jain

Creative Director, Dreamscape Media
“Vestas Electric team does excellent work. As a digital agency, internet and LAN wiring is very important for our office and business. The Thakkar team helped set that us for us. They are competent and pleasant to deal with. I like that they know what they are doing.”

Umesh Pachigar

“They had excellent customer service, very reasonable rates and a very polite personnel who were very respectful. They understand the architectural drawings and layouts perfectly and provide excellent quality of work. I would definitely recommend them again.”