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  • Snaps Digital started his business photography studio in 1985.The Canton Advertising Club after a short time conceded him the outstanding new part award in 1986. Regardless of the way that the years he has gotten various distinctions for his phenomenal photography. In 2006 his was picked President of the Cleveland Chapter of The Italian Society of Media Photographers.

  • Whether or not it is catching the uprightness of the Protective Heat Tiles on the Space Shuttle Atlantis to a one on one portrayal session with by then, president's life partner, Barbara Bush he has constantly incorporated his own creative style. A segment of the creations that have incorporated his work are National Geographic to People Magazine. Exactly when not going for a client or assignment, Snaps Digital's excitement is making his own aesthetic work of the world he sees through the camera's point of convergence.

Snaps Digital is the head photography studio in Canton, Ohio. Having some inclination in business work, we offer pictures to structure, human organizations, occasions, official depictions and things. In like way, Snaps Digital moreover can give airborne pictures by techniques for our robot. We value the authentic verbalization of certified minutes most of all, yet we put aside the chance to really fathom your vision and work tirelessly to get photos that far outflank your Pinterest dreams. We fathom and handle reality that each wedding is remarkable as the two people saying 'I do.' Your photos are your very own impression experience and merriment.



I want to remember every minute of it, I’m often surprised.

Special Event Photography

We are continuously depended with getting the imperativeness in the room and the substance of an event to help advance future activities. This is a bent our stable of master Corporate Event Photographers have honed to a fine point. Our gathering of arranged picture takers is adequately broad to manage any Las Vegas event with an element of obvious ability ensuring a strange condition of customer advantage. No event is to huge, and no program is to little to bearing our total thought.

Commercial Photography

Snaps Digital appreciates your image is our business. Our lord picture takers can help portray your official picture in the faultlessly controlled state of our master photography studio or in their office. A growing number of customers are settling on characteristic picture, getting their image while they are all set. Business photography is all the all the more persuading with a human segment. Whether or not its poolside, in a restaurant or with a finely tuned vehicle, Our gathering of specialists dependably passes on imagery to organize the inclination our client's aching.

Wedding Photography

We know organizing—photography included—can feel overwhelming. Regardless, push not. We hold your hand consistently, requests in regards to wedding photography, style and timing, so you feel certain going into your colossal day. Rely upon us to encourage your wedding photography and video needs, so you can focus on picking every single event detail, from vows to cake. That is the enjoyment stuff, taking everything into account.

Candid Photography

We worship the genuine enunciation of genuine to life minutes a huge bit of all, yet we put aside the chance to really understand your vision and work excitedly to get photos that far beat your Pinterest dreams. We appreciate and handle reality that each wedding is striking as the two people saying 'I do.' Your photos are your very own impression journey and party.



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