About Us

Rubify Salon presents to you a New Brand of salon, an interestingly lively and loosened up condition with a cutting edge extravagant feel back to our industry. We have a select vision to perceive and restore what the business has been missing for a long time. Our need is to cause our customers to feel spoiled and loose while getting improved here at our salon. We will keep up our progressiveness and restlessness by making the most recent patterns and offering a life-changing encounter all through your stay with us. You have a place here, you have a place in extravagance, you merit spoiling and greatness.

We make it our center promise to give a soothing yet proficient vibe, while saving the extravagant and present day salon manners. Our salon is pleased to have enthusiastic and different master experts constantly prepared to support you. Much thanks to you for picking us for your excellence care!

Extravagant, Friendly Nail Service at an Affordable Price


Our nail treatments and pedicures consolidate an assortment of creams, oils, and back rub procedures to think about the fingernail skin, and for the most part improve the look and feel of the hands and feet.


Our eyelash expansions are expertly applied to every individual common lash utilizing the best eyelash augmentation items and the best glue or lash augmentation stick available highlighted with enduring shading.

Waxing Services

We comprehend that waxing is close to home, so we're focused on making you agreeable, both through well disposed, direct help and the absolute best waxing items accessible.