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Knowledge of English is no longer an advantage, it’s a necessity. Whether one wants to advance higher in education or crack the much-awaited job interview; Whether it is about participating in social gathering or traveling abroad. Good English is the best way to leave a lasting impression. In 2015, we launched Real Dictionary, English Language Learning Centres, to help learners improve their English communication skills and become a confident and smarter individual. So far more than 7000 students have achieved their goals with Good English.A rich heritage to live up to! Organization values are the foundation stones on which the organization’s image is built. These help the company realize its organizational goals and in turn transform lives. These values are intended to infuse an infectious energy, professionalism and a sense of true empowerment to the workplace. The solid edifice on which Real Dictionary stands tall today was built on high ideals and values. The company has its roots in the independence movement in the first half of the twentieth century, a cause to empower the nation. We are adaptive to the changing times, while remaining steadfast to the values rooted in our culture. Our values drive us towards our goals of expansion, diversification and excellence. These values define our philosophy of operations, guide our important decisions and determine our commitment and achievement.


Each year, we welcome nearly 400 adult English language learners who came to the South Africa as immigrants or refugees.Our students reflect the incredible diversity of the Twin Cities community – representing 25 countries and speaking 17 languages.Currently, about 50% of our students arrived in the South Africa as refugees, the majority from Somalia. Two-thirds have had fewer than five years of formal education.At the most basic: Education. Opportunity. Community.We provide free, culturally sensitive English language education, as well as classes in math and citizenship preparation.But what happens here is about more than just a classroom. It’s a community. We provide a space for every student to feel welcomed, safe, and encouraged.

Immigrants and refugees know that learning English is the key to unlocking opportunities for success in their new home. From healthcare to banking, transportation and shopping to employment, access to language impacts every aspect of our lives. But learning another language, on top of adjusting to a completely new place and culture, is hard. Especially when you’re expected to do it on your own. That’s why the English Learning Center exists. Because we believe that no one should have to navigate life in a new country alone, especially after years, often decades, of trauma and loss. We believe our immigrant and refugee neighbors are just that – neighbors. And we help our neighbors.

We at Real Dictionary believe in the vast potential of our students and want to further develop each student’s ability. Born out of the bond between a parent and child, the Real Dictionary Method of learning faithfully carries on the thinking and ideas of its founder Toru Real Dictionary. At the same time, we constantly strive for something better by continuing to develop our worksheets and instruction method. And today, this learning method continues to go beyond the borders of countries, race, culture and traditions,to reach more and more countries and regions throughout the world.After your early learners developed their pencil skills, Real Dictionary worksheets introduce our pre-school learners to their very first mathss and reading concepts, giving them strong foundation and a head start in school.

The Real Dictionary English programme is designed to cultivate a high level of reading ability in students. The programme starts at a level where students are able to build reading and word recognition skills. Gradually students learn about sentence structure, paragraph building, summarization, and acquire the necessary mindset to analyse passages critically.Through the Real Dictionary Method, students self-learn at their own pace using the worksheets that are ‘just right’ for them. In addition to the worksheets students also have an exposure to a wide range of books through which they acquire a greater interest in reading which facilitates learning advanced materials with independence and confidence.

In order to achieve the desired goals, Real Dictionary instructors provide a free assessment to students known as the diagnostic test to gauge their ability and assign an appropriate starting level. The Real Dictionary English programme not only helps students in their academics but instills in them a love for reading, enrich vocabulary and fosters fine character development.n Real Dictionary, children studies at their own pace using the worksheets that are ‘Just right’ for them, i.e. the content in the worksheets are neither too easy nor too difficult. Real Dictionary instructors provide a free assessment known as the Diagnostic Test to gauge the child’s ability and assign an appropriate starting level.

Prepare your child for school with Real Dictionary worksheets that are meant to develop cognitive and motor skills.Our colourful and engaging worksheets is meant to foster the love for learning from a young age and cultivate the habit of daily study.Through daily study and self-learning, under the watchful eye and guidance from our Instructors, Real Dictionary students develop work skills, initiative and independence – all these while having fun with our colourful and engaging worksheets.Our worksheets are designed to progress the students in small steps.In this atmosphere, students thrive, and teachers learn as much (if not more) as they teach!Gradually the difficulty level increases in small steps allowing them to advance beyond their school grade level.

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