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Tri County has been servicing consumers like you since 2002!
We are an Accredited business with the BBB! We have experienced technicians ready to service your furniture needs at reasonable prices.

Welcome to Tri County Furniture Service!

Tri County Furniture Service is a leader in Furniture Service Industry.
Our focus is to provide the highest quality service possible and we are confident that we will deliver superior value and quality service to satisfy our customers.

Services Offered

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  • Rama Wood
    1750 N Florida Mango Rd Suite 412,
    West Palm Beach, FL 33409


  • Rama Wood
    276 W 25th St, New York,
    NY 10001, United States

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Now Hiring!

Now looking for technicians in the following areas:

  • Boltimore, MO
  • USA, IN
  • Salta DC
  • Rosario, MI
  • Ushuaia, OH
  • Mar Del Plata, NV
  • La Plata, VA

Our technicians are held to the highest forms of communication, customer service & repair standards. All technicians are screened prior to being hired.

Job Description

  • Tri County Furniture Service is a leader in Furniture Service Industry and still growing.
  • We are looking for an someone like you to be our service teams next great addition as a
  • Overall Responsibilities will include:
  • Read & Follow work orders as dispatched and scheduled
  • Communicate & work directly with office staff to help assist with customers, routing, scheduling and work orders as needed
  • Clean and repair furniture as required by work orders to new condition in residential, warehouse, shop or in-store settings.
  • Provide detailed reports and photos of all visits as required by work orders and company policies as well as any additional information as required
  • Provide an overall great customer service experience for all of customers as required by Tri County.


  • Experience in furniture repair, cleaning or refinishing.
  • Repairing of frames, such as securing loose joints, cutting & replacing wood/ rebuilding frames as needed.
  • Wood furniture / Case Goods repairs including various techniques such as Burn-Ins, matching grain and color of stain and finish. (refinishing is plus).
  • Repairs to upholstery and installation of cut and sewn parts as needed such as arm panels, seats/ backs etc.
  • Leather cleaning/ repair using various cleaning & repair techniques including fill, grain and color to match. Refinish as needed.
  • Be organized and maintain supplies to be prepared for all required services
  • Willingness to learn

If you have experience in any or all of the above please contact us today.

Good customer service, willingness to do what it takes and strong communication skills are a MUST .

Call us today @+1 212-675-2230 for immediate consideration Monday- Friday between 9AM – 6PM EST reply to this posting or fax a resume to +1 212-675-2230.

Compensation: Our Full Time Technicians average $65,000 – 75,000.00 per year. Depends on your skill level and work ethics.

Qualifications and Skills- Prior Furniture in home service or warehouse repair experienced required.

If you posess these or some of these skills, please call us today at +54 2931 43-3031 or fax/ email your resume for consideration. fax- +54 2931 43-3031– email- [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A: No, we apologize, but it’s our policy, someone over the age of 18 must meet the technician. We cannot enter a home without someone over the age of 18 in the home and they may be asked for ID. If the person meeting the technician is under the age of 18 the technician will not be able to service your home.

A: Time frames are assigned once the routes are closed/ full. We try our best to service and accomodate as may customers as possible so we schedule until the very last minute to fit as many customers in as we can. Routes are normally closed the morning prior to service. Specific times can never be given as we have to allow for travel time, traffic and proper time to service your furniture.

A: Yes! It may delay your service a bit if it’s out of our normal routes, but we will try our best to accommodate your needs. But, as noted above, you will be called the day before with your 3 hour window for service. Please call us at+1 212-675-2230 to assist.

A: When you are scheduled for a date, you will be called the day before with the time frame. Our system will call and text you reminders of your appointment with the time frame as well. If an email is provided, we can send you an email confirmation with the picture of the technician that will be servicing your furniture. If you have a specific time request, please let us know when you are scheduled and it will be noted. Our system will generate the time frames once the route is closed the day prior to the scheduled appointment. The system will take into consideration all customer requests for service and assign the times based on the most efficient route possible. This insures we can accommodate as many requests as possible and allow to service as many guests as possible.

***Please note*** As I am sure you understand, It takes careful planning to ensure we can meet the service needs of all of our customers. We must also be as fuel and time efficient as possible.

A: Our scheduling is very flexible and at times we can offer you a weekend appointment. This depends on where you are located. If there is not a weekend service scheduled in the area you live we can make other accommodations to service your needs. Our technicians can meet anyone at your home that is over the age of 18, a family member, neighbor or a friend. We also always call you on the way so you do not have to wait and can meet the technician when he gets to your home. We try our best to accommodate every customer’s needs. Please call us at+1 212-675-2230.

A: This varies based on the manufacturer and where they are located. Domestic Parts can take between 1-6 weeks and Parts coming from overseas can take up to 8 to 16 weeks. If the parts are readily available it shortens the time but if it is custom or has to be made it will increase the time.

A: We do stock some basic parts that are used by most manufacturers. Unfortunately, due to the differences between all of the different manufacturers and in their construction, we cannot supply all of them and they may have to be ordered. This is always necessary for electronics and upholstered parts.

A: In most cases we can help you get rescheduled right away, if not we can tell you what to do to help you get rescheduled. Please call us at+1 212-675-2230 to assist.

A: In this day and age we do everything on line. The least amount of paper as possible. The report goes to who actually pays for the service. If the service is initiated by a Retailer, Manufacturer or Warranty/ Insurance company, The report and Pictures become their property. You may contact them directly to request a copy. If you are unsure who to call to ask for it, please call us at+1 212-675-2230 to assist you. If you have paid directly for service you will recieve it via email.

A: The tags are normally located under your piece or under one of the footrests if you have a recliner. You should not remove or lose these tags as they are needed to order parts for your furniture. Each piece has it’s own tag.