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Welcome to

Organic-Foodies Restaurant

The nourishment is readied is home style, we never utilize any MSG and our client support is legendry and our Mango Chicken is basically finger-licking. The wide choice of lager and wine extraordinarily imported from India makes for a fine encounter.

"Tasteful, Toothy, Toothsome"

Welcome to Organic-Foodies Restaurant

  • Mutton Bunny Chow

    Rabbit chow, an emptied out bread bowl with a zesty, substantial curried filling, is as magnificently chaotic as it sounds. You can eat each and every piece of this form from Hollywood Bets in Durban, including the curry-doused bread from the base and sides

  • Goan Cod Curry

    That is the thing that gives the slight tang to this simple, not very hot fish stew. In the same way as other curries, the flavor improves the following day, so I propose making the base for the sauce the prior night, in any event, freezing it, and warming it when you're prepared for supper. When the sauce is stewing, cooking the fish and eating on the table takes only a couple of moment

  • Goan Shrimp Curry

    In Goa, a modest, palm-bordered state on the western shore of India, fish is integral to the cooking. Adored local claim to fame sembharachi kodi, or shrimp in a coconut curry, is readied various ways, however consistently with the freshest nearby shellfish stewed in a rich, chile-spiked coconut sauce

What Our Customers Say

  • "Good nourishment, warm assistance. What I like about this spot is that it is speedy and simple to eat and inside 45 minutes. A decent spot for my child who is veggie lover. Nourishment was delectable for being made in mass. New naan was the highlight."
    Bridgette R.
  • "The nourishment is incredible exceptionally heavenly and filling. The administration here constantly accommodating and considerate. The Chicken korma and the naan. My family could continue eating all that they served out!!! Will return with the family once more!! Everytime we come here we simply love it!!! "
    Annie M.
  • "I love their smorgasbord , the nourishment is in every case great fresh& hot the administration it's in every case agreeable and good"
    Sedalia G.

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