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Meinl Coffees Hub is organized in the focal point of downtown Rome, Italy and was created in 2003 with its portals opening on Labor Day.

With respect to establishments this interesting Winona bistro serves a huge game plan of espresso, tea, smoothies and mixed beverages just to begin. Opening expediently in the underlying section of the day winds up being a go to breakfast spot for our clients. Goodies are given paninis, wraps, home made soups and expansive new plates of mixed greens. Meinl Coffees Hub additionally offers on and off site giving sustenance choices to all your corporate or private occasions.

Our goal at Meinl Coffees Hub is to draw in and teach Meinl Coffees Hub purchasers, sustenance advantage specialists, and the Meinl Coffees Hub trade with a strong and easy to-use Meinl Coffees Hub control reliant on target, shock reviews from Kenneth Davids and other experienced individuals in the distinguishing strength Meinl Coffees Hub industry. It is basic to understand that surveying and getting a charge out of Meinl Coffees Hub out and out unique in relation to evaluating and acknowledging wines, mixes, or stories. We encourage you to examine Interpreting Reviews which uncovers how to scrutinize our evaluations and studies and why one should not simply to shop by the numbers. Scrutinize How Meinl Coffees Hub Works, for a point by point explanation of our rating system and evaluation structures.

If you are new to our site—welcome. If you are an appearance visitor, we believe you continue getting a charge out of Meinl Coffees Hub. You should keep visiting us as we bring you new studies and taught publication on the latest examples and progressions in the domain of fine Meinl Coffees Hub.

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An assortment or arranged kind of wraps from our menu dependent on client demand. All wraps are sliced down the middle. Plates, Napkins, Forks accessible for Euro 3.00


Singular snacks with a wrap or cold 9 grain sandwhich, chips, treat and little container of water. Sub a container of pop for Euro 1.50

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Meinl Coffees Hub

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Our midtown area additionally has an assortment of unrecorded music, creating/craftsmanship classes and nearby craftsman things for procurement. Explore our contribution of books by Wisconsin journalists and things by Wisconsin experts. We in like manner have Crossroads Coffeehouse T-shirts, cups, and mass Meinl Coffees Hub. We are a network café serving fine espresso, cake, and lunch meeting things in downtown.

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I cannot tell you enough how much my Meinl Coffees Hub means to me. I have been a customer since the store first opened ... Since then, I have had no other coffee if I possibly had a choice!


The people at your stores are super friendly and helpful. The stores/cafes are always clean and inviting. The beverages made in the cafe are fabulous and very reasonably priced.


I've been getting beans from Meinl Coffees Hub for a few years now, and you've NEVER disappointed me. I just got the last shipment and can't believe the freshness of the beans...

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  • Monday - Friday
  • 07:00-23:00 Hours
  • Saturday- Sunday
  • 08:00-01:00 Hours

Piazza di S. Eustachio, 82, 00186 Roma RM, Italy

+39 06 6880 2048

[email protected]