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Arborists Services

If you don’t have time to take good care of your garden, we can do it for you. No matter how tall the tree is, we can climb all the way up to provide the maintenance that it requ...

Tree Trimming

Take care of your trees and conserve their beauty and vigor with our tree trimming services from Mazurier Trees Service. Through tree trimming our skilled arborists eliminate dead bran...


Landscaping Services

Keep your landscape in top condition with help from Mazurier Trees Service! From mulching to mowing, you can expect our team to give proper maintenance to your landscape. We guarantee ...

Palm Tree Planting and Removal

Whether you want to plant or remove palm trees from your landscape, you need an expert that has the skills and equipment to do so. Here at Mazurier Trees Service, we can help you with ...


Stump Grinding

Remove that stump left in your yard now! More than unsightly, a stump can be hazardous for your children and pets. Thus, rely in Mazurier Trees Services to grind it for you safely and ...

Tree planting

Not all plants have the same behavior when they are moved from one place to another. Ensure that your plants survive and flourish as they naturally do by acquiring our professional...

We are Licensed, Bonded & Insured | License# 1030520

Our Vision

Our vision at Mazurier Trees Service is to expand our business throughout the whole states by always delivering excellence, professionalism, and affordability.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the beauty of your landscape by taking proper care of its natural elements with innovative gardening techniques for your satisfaction.

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When you choose Mazurier Trees Service you opt for experienced arborists, beautiful trees, and friendly customer service at accessible prices.

About Us

Mazurier Trees Service is a locally owned and operated business established in Doveton VIC 3177. Throughout the course of two decades, we have shaped many trees from unsightly to beautiful. Since day one, we've serve the Melbourne, Wyoming, and Utah with top of the line tree trimming, removal, planting, and more.

Our constant aim towards excellence is what has made us become respectable arborists in the entire area. Although, we have reached success in the business, we never forget our humble beginnings. As such, the core v...



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We are Licensed, Bonded & Insured | License# 1030520


Welcome to Mazurier Trees Service, a company dedicated to the maintenance and care of trees. With our vast knowledge and expertise in the planting and growth of individual trees and plants, we’ve made countless landscapes blossom with beautiful flora. We provide proper care to all natural elements so that you will fall in love with your garden.

We are ready to demonstrate to you what we can do after 20 years of experience. Our professionals are fully equipped and very well skilled in the field, and we put hard work into promoting the healthy growth and vigor of your trees. Mazurier Trees Service will provide first class tree trimming for your satisfaction.

Our professionals never settle for less than what the client deserves and always go the extra length to complete each task with the highest quality. Our passion is to take good care of your trees while offering attentive, affordable, and friendly customer service. Indeed, Mazurier Trees Service is your ideal arborist. Call us now!

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