Cable Cross Over

Cable edge machine is a total body workout equipment which works on each muscle in your body. The attendance of perpendicularly adjustable pulleys provides perfect resistance through the exercise movements.

Smith Machine

Smith Machine is a specific 7 degree angle machine which is planned to give perfect exercises for lower and upper body. The linear ball behavior with 20 cross member lock-out points present in this system provides the safety workout routine. Smith bar with great diameter replies fast and it is relaxed to control for beginners and professionals. Here is a free weight gun rack system with 14 lift off and rack position offers versatility, safety and control.

Olympic Multi Bench Press

Decline Olympic Bench affords extensive power training options for beginners as well as for advanced users.

Smith Machine + Multi Bench

Multi preach machine has an individual adjustable range of motion that agrees you to set rotational limits whereas exercising.

Multi Bench

This machine has manufactured in such a way which supports your body, isolates easily, offers complete body workout. It is tested and verified for its capable performance.

Fore Arms Machine

Force Chaser multi Gym is the multi station effort horse, in which maximum four people can work out simultaneously and provides health club quality power. It unites multi- function and is highly effective.

Olympic Flat Bench

This tool is for beginners and also advanced users. It gives finest experience and results, compatible with any weights.

Hexagon Dumbbells

  • Good-looking
  • Available in required weights
  • Easy to handle

Preach Curl Bench

Preacher curl helps maximize the attention and to progress your biceps as per the requirements. It figures all biceps mass particularly the lower biceps, which is hard to recover. This is set to 30 degree angle, which makes upper arm to stretch to the maximum and provides complete motion by escaping stress on your elbows and lower back.

Squat & Leg Press

Squats/ Leg Press provide great mass building exercise. Perfect leg press machine has much fashionable function that helps you to achieve the aim at the earliest possible. Features both back pads utilizes a quick flip and lock mechanism, relaxed access under bearing plate load system. Three lock out positions for user security.

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