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Some Important App Features

⛅-- Accurate Weather Forecast --⛅

What the forecast? The exact weather application can give you a nitty gritty weather forecast which is weather month to month, weather week by week, every day and hourly weather report, any place you are! Weather Forecast - the precise weather gives ongoing live weather report, weather online condition.

⛅-- Global & Local Weather --⛅

Weather Forecast - the precise weather gives local weather condition and national weather forecast , like US Weather...

⛅-- Weather Radar --⛅

Weather Radar work with map shows energized radar around your present area. From the weather guide, you can see the tempest radar, snowstorm, sea tempest and what the forecast is coming, so you can be told if storm is made a beeline for or away from you, and how quick.

⛅-- Weather Widgets & Clock --⛅

Weather Forecast has the weather gadgets with various subjects can show the present temperature, time and date of current area, straightforward weather data, day by day and hourly forecast.

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Everything looks incredible with the exception of the temperature show. It understands low/high rather than high/low. The principle temperature show beneath city name ought to be more slender like iPhone show. This application is very acceptable however here and there it doesn't invigorate enough, accordingly I need to revive it physically and multiple times" "

albert camus

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