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Weather and climate sustain life form on our mother earth. Weather plays vital role in all facets of human activities and in the development of economy. KGF Weather with this prospective taken the initiative to dedicate it's activities to provide cutting edge technology solutions for monitoring weather and beyond.....

Weather and beyond


Our main contention while designing the solution for the customer is comfort and long operational life of the equipment. We provide a sustainable solutions keeping in mind long term operation of system backed by dedicated team of trained maintenance engineers. We always provide Globally latest state of art system and accredited by World Standard Calibration Labs.

Simplifying Technology

     Customer Service

The main strength of KGF Weather lies in Long term maintenance of the system, which is essential for any user. We have a team of highly qualified trained engineers dedicated for this purpose. The Customer support policy of SGS has generated large satisfied customer base, which is the core of our business.

Customer Support
turnkey weather solution System
KGF Weather provides the complete turnkey solutions in the field of Weather and Environmental projects to the customer including site selections, supply MORE shadow
weather sensors Weather
With the manual observations becoming obsolete, the requirement of the sensors which are designed to provide the high level of accuracy, reliability & ruggedness MORE shadow
project and services Project
We at KGF Weather provide services including installation, operation, maintenance, equipment calibration and more. We have the biggest fleet of service engineers in MORE shadow

Our Key Solutions
shadow left Surface and Marine Weather Monitoring Systems
surface weather solutions
SGS provides complete solution to surface weather observing Network. The basic surface observing network is the core of the weather forecasting. The efficient and uninterrupted operation of systems is essential for continuous supply of basic data. The standardization of network in continuum mode is also essential….
shadow left Airport Weather Observation Systems
Airport Weather observation System
Meteorological measurements at Airport are crucial for safe landing and take-off of aircrafts. Precise measurement of Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Precipitation wind speed and Direction are basic requirements. Runway Visual Range and cloud height near touchdown are very important parameters for Air Traffic Safety....
shadow left Solar Radiation Resource
KGF Weather is the biggest Solution provider in the area of Solar Radiation Resource monitoring and research studies. With more than 135 online installed operational systems throughout the country, we thrive to provide the best solution to Solar harnessing project stake holder, research institutes and under bodies under India’s Jawaharlal..
Solar radiation assessment
shadow right Doppler Weather
doppler weather radar
Remote sensing is the examination or the gathering of information about a place from a distance. Doppler radar is a common type of radar used in detecting meteorological data for air traffic control and the detection of storms or other potential disasters. Also common in remote sensing is LIDAR....
shadow right Real Time Noise Monitoring Networks
noise pollution monitoring
Noise pollution in urban cities is a growing concern as it is slowly affecting our body and mind. Loud noises can cause ear discomfort, such as ear ringing, ear pains and hearing loss, etc. Noises above 115db can even lead to deafness. According to statistics, about 50 percent of those who are exposedto the noise above 80db for a long...
shadow right Mobile Weather Monitoring Vehicle
Mobile Weather Research Vehicle
SGS Wether offers robust Environmental monitoring systems to characterise and monitor the quality of the environment. Environmental monitoring is used in the preparation of environmental impact assessments, as well as in many circumstances in which human activities carry a risk of harmful...
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Recent Projects
We at KGF Weather deal with the very sensitive area of environment, from pollution monitoring to solar radiation and we are always exploring complex yet critical areas of environment to make our solutions better. Some of our recently completed projects are
  • CPCB Phase II Real Time Noise monitoring stations along with public dissemination system at 7 metro cites
  • Installation of S-Band Doppler Weather Radars for India Meteorological Department at Karikal.
  • Installation of AWOS system at India’s first Greenfield private airport in Durgapur, West Bengal.
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Barometer-SGS-Weather INCOIS Fishery Warning System Paradip-IMD-Radar sgs weather exhibition 8 Kms Wind Profiler KGF Weather Embeded Solution Frangible Tower Solar-Power-Plant Noise monitoring Browse More
Latest News
  • High-Range Vaisala Ceilometer with Air pollution monitoring in IITM Pune
  • The Lased based back scattering measurement system has been supplied and commissioned at IITM , Pune for the measurement of cloud and atmospheric pollutants including aerosols up to a height of 15 km.
  • KGF Weather launches a new Subsidiary to manufacture Frangible Towers for approach light and AWOS Systems for Aviation Application
  • Under the Honorable Prime Minister Initiative “Make In India” started manufacturing unit and now in full phase of production under SGS Frangible Towers Pvt. Ltd.
  • First 8 KM Wind profiler system commissioned in INS Rajali
  • Under the project for modernization of nine Met Offices of the Indian Navy at different locations with fully automatic state-of-the-art Integrated Automatic Aviation Meteorological System (IAAMS).
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