Best GPS Vehicle Tracking System with popular built in solutions like School Bus Solutions, unlimited Geo Fencing, employee tracking etc.

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Features of GPS Map Devices

We are GPS specialists. We deal only with GPS, sensors (RFID, Fuel, Temperature, Load, Door) and related solutions. This focus made us no 1 fastest growing GPS provider in India. It helped us to give best quality product at a better cost than any competitor in the market. As you know this market is infested with so many counterfeit products, poor quality cheap software sourced from cheapest people, its very difficult to identify original and genuine supplier who supplies all brand GPS devices that too in whole sale price along with server software platform made in India. Gps Maps Pro brings world class GPS server platform (VAMOS) to its customers. Along with popular high quality GPS devices and sensors available across the world at wholesale price.


At Gps Maps Pro, we can keep your children safe on the School bus Travel. We’re leading in vehicle tracking mobile apps, that provide information to parents and school employees as and when the children are being transported between school and home. With our innovative GPS Tracking solution, parents can track the school bus using IOS/ Android Apps or receive SMS notifications just 5-10 minutes before the bus reaches their designated stop. We communicate up-to-the-minute school bus location directly to the parents, caregiver and school administrator smartphones and computers via interactive maps.


Any valuable assets can be monitored. For instance we have provided solutions to monitor tarpaulin sheets which is used to cover Railways wagon containing coal. These tarpaulin sheets were stolen along coal by anti-social elements in remote forest area. Our long life portable GPS vehicle tracking were employed to track the sheet. This is long battery life (10-90days) non-wired GPS tracker used to track assets like containers, cash bags etc etc. In this also we provide unlimited geo fencing (sites marking) , site entry/exit alert, trip reports etc.


Fuel Tracking system is designed for precision fuel level analysis in all kinds of vehicle tanks, also in tanks of fixed connections. Our Vehicle Tracking system can be used as a part of a fuel Tracking system or to interchange the standard fuel meter of a vehicle in order to detect and prevent fuel theft. Fuel tracking can boost vehicle fuel productivity by distinguishing where in your vehicle there is room for development. Formerly you understand where fuel is slipping through the rifts, you can take actions to overcome your fuel expenses.Selected GPS devices has multiple interfaces like one or more Analog, Digital IN, Digital OUT, Serial interfaces. Via these interfaces its possible to connect

GPS Monitoring:

GPS monitoring enables exceedingly reliable movement and location tracking of defendants who are assigned the STOP (Satellite Tracking of People) monitor. The GPS ankle monitor provides the location of the client at all times through the Global Positioning System, allowing the individual to safely and securely live outside of incarceration. The benefits of the monitoring service allows us to aid law enforcement, courts, probation offices, bonding companies, parole officers, etc.


We have procured a particular and submitted group for each guide update administration we give. That implies Gps Devices Expert will go to Gps Devices GPS clients and TomTom master group will go to TomTom GPS customers as it were. Working with numerous telephone lines and individual groups made us reducing the hold up time. We guarantee you will never encounter more than 10-15 seconds hold up time, at whatever point you will call us. There is an abundant number of GPS and guide update related issues that clients for the most part battle. Here is a rundown of scarcely any such normal inquiries that our master joins in.

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GPS Fleet & Vehicle Tracking Solutions

For the very best in tracking and monitoring systems, backed by sophisticated GPS precision, GPS Technologies is your foremost authority. We help businesses understand what their fleets are saying, and assist with battery, teen and asset tracking. Our software solutions provide drivers, dispatchers and decision-makers an open line of communication.


We understand that our user’s time is quite valuable. So, we have removed all the bottlenecks from our customer support process to fix Gps Maps Pro Software error.Contact Us in case of any query.

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