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The world we live in is full of natural disasters. You've heard of major hurricanes, like Katrina. Or major earthquakes that shook the world with the devastation left behind, like in Haiti. In order to survive a major disaster, early detection is the key. With weather alert radios you have the ability to find out what is going on.This wonderful technology has been around for years. In more recent years the technology has been greatly improved. Between the update in technology and the tower locations around the world, they are more vital to survival than ever before. You do not want to miss out on updates when you don't have power in your home. With a weather alert radio you will be able to receive transmissions from the National Weather Service. Whenever a weather alert is broadcast in a particular region it is automatically picked up by the radio. This allows those who are listening to prepare for the weather that is approaching.

Home Weather Stations

Predicting Future Weather Trends

Some home weather stations are capable of interfacing with a computer, either included as part of the package or available as an optional accessory. A computer-linked weather station offers not only real-time display of weather measurements on your computer monitor, but also provides for advanced data collection and graphical weather analysis. And with a dedicated internet connection, you can even post weather data to your own weather web page or become a part of the process by sharing your readings with the Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP), which forwards the information in a format that the National Weather Service can use. Even if your weather station isn't connected to a computer, you can still participate as a volunteer Skywarn "spotter," providing your local NWS weather forecast office with important weather measurements and severe weather reports.

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Staying safe in winter weather starts at home. Taking some basic precautions and planning in advance can prepare your home for the cold, winter weather.Many individuals and companies face a hardship in communicating important messages to their audiences. The failure can be a matter of life and death especially in emergencies. The problem is aggravated when there are scores of people that a company needs to reach within little or no time.

Weird Weather News

We are half-way through this warm weather month of August and the heat has become something of a burden and a hassle for many of us. Good thing the weather can be a source of amusement too sometimes. There were two reports last week about the weather that just made me smile. I'm re-telling them here in an effort to provide you with something to smile (or smirk) about this summer.

Accurate hyper-local forecasts:

Over 250,000 personal weather stations report the most accurate local weather conditions. Visualize precise weather radar imagery for your very own microclimate. • Made to fill in the gaps between the airport weather stations that other weather services rely upon to generate forecasts - meaning our data is generated from actual data points in your neighborhood.

Local weather conditions:

get current weather conditions from your local, personal weather station, as well as hourly/daily summary forecasts up to 10 days in the future, which include chance of precipitation and precise weather summaries.

Other geographical data:

discover more information and get news about your microclimate with our air quality index, UV index, local flu outbreaks, sunrise & sunset and moonrise & moonset times at local personal weather stations.

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