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E-Weather Forecast is pleased to give exceptionally point by point climate conjectures to customers worldwide since 1974. We have the information and experience that must be picked up with 40 or more long stretches of private climate estimating aptitude. We keep on developing our customer base which incorporates radio and TV broadcasting, expressway offices, air terminals, ski zones, utilities, and farming. Our Special Events division are the pioneers in site explicit guaging for wellbeing and activities of a wide range of open air occasions. Customized determining and counseling for wellbeing and to set aside you time and cash. "Exactness, reliability and customized administration

For radio telecom, you can't escape from us! You can hear us on extraordinary radio broadcasts from St. John's, Newfoundland to Daytona Beach, Florida. You can likewise hear us from Indiana across to Saskatchewan, Canada and into Anchorage, Alaska! We are actually all over the place! E-Weather Forecast is likewise novel in that it works from a few workplaces all through the United States. Our essential central command are in Portland, Maine and Syracuse, New York. Be that as it may, we likewise keep up littler conjecture workplaces and operational meteorologists in the profound south and on the west coast. Wayne Mahar is the Founder and President of E-Weather Forecast. Russ Murley is Operations Manager of the organization.


Exclusive Storm Alert Service

If weather adversely affects your operations, let us worry about it for you ! From flood situations to tropical storms, severe thunderstorms and snowstorms, we can let you know when and where weather will affect your business. We cover every type of weather for any type of industry. Here’s some examples of how our Storm Alert Service assists some of our current clients!Utilizing the latest technology, E-Weather Forecast can deliver surprisingly affordable content for all of your digital media needs. We’ve been providing podcasts for several years now and are currently upgrading our facilities to bring more in-depth content to our clients. Call us to discuss or for a sample!

Weather Research

We’ve provided hundreds of reports to law firms, insurance companies and Attorney General’s offices. We’ve covered everything from common ‘slip and fall’ cases to highway accidents, oil rig fires and even murders. E-Weather Forecast can do the research and determine what factor the weather played in any incident. We’ll provide the written report and testify in court should the need arise. Wayne Mahar has appeared as an Expert Witness in local and Supreme Court cases dozens of times. With years of experience, you can count on our testimony to help your case. With an extensive climate library available, we offer prompt, reliable service. Call anytime for a free initial consultation.

Highway Departments and Airports

Time is money ! Why waste your time and spend money on overtime by second guessing the weather yourself ? We have years of experience in forecasting for highway departments throughout the Northeast covering lake effect belts and mountainous terrain ! Whether you are a small highway departments with just a few trucks or an entire state highway department, we can custom-tailor forecasts to help you cut down on costs and headaches ! Here is how the service works…We send you an exclusive STORM ALERT forecast 18-36 hours in advance of any snow (1″ or greater) or icing situation. Updates follow every 4-8 hours until the storm is over. Because each STORM ALERT is pinpointed specifically for your immediate area, our forecasts are more accurate than anything else available. Accurate and timely forecasts save you time, money and headaches!

Extended Range Forecasts

Having accurate long-range forecasts can help with construction management, event planning, energy use and more. E-Weather Forecast has been a leader in long-range and seasonal forecasts and continues to use the latest technology and modeling to provide our clients with weather pattern insight months in advance!We can research any climatic variable for any site in North India. From rainfall research to long term temperature trends, snowfall research and more ! Russ Murley’s undergraduate research projects focused exclusively on New England microclimate. We can research any parameter from degree days, precipitation and even solar radiation. Please contact us for more information regarding any climate information your company should need!


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