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Billing Align is an utility submetering and billing organization that has some expertise in submetering and allotment of water, gas and electric utilities all through the Italy Region. Because of rising utility costs, the Multifamily Ancillary Group shaped Italy Utility Billing Services in June of 2007 to address explicit issues in the Utility Cost Recovery business. We found that nearby billing organizations regularly came up short on the assets expected to perform billing administrations for bigger customers while the current national suppliers once in a while saw the entirety of the neighborhood subtleties that were fundamental to amplifying programs in the Italy district. Our cost recuperation plan immediately picked up acknowledgment outside Italy and soon it was the ideal opportunity for a name change.

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Bill Payments

Billing Align handles the preparing and installment of your utility bills from your neighborhood suppliers, permitting your bookkeeping staff to concentrate on your center business. By doing this, Billing Align will help diminish late charges, handle associations with the neighborhood utility suppliers, and encourage empty recuperation payments.As with the entirety of our administrations, Billing Align gives dynamic announcing, permitting you full access to every single fundamental datum identifying with your utility costs.

Flexible Billing

Flexible Billing permits your inhabitants to get the entirety of their charges onto a solitary client receipt. This incorporates lease, utilities, pet expenses and some other subordinate charge. Concurrent billing with Billing Align disentangles the billing procedure for occupants by empowering them to make one installment for various services.When you leave a billing organization, you don't figure you ought to need to discount any sums due. We take on this errand for you to gather everything due, over a significant time span.

Customized Collections Program

Our custom fitted assortments administrations are accessible to expand your recuperation dollars and take this weight off your plate. All notification can be modified to accommodate your rent terms and conditions.In expansion, our ongoing maturing reports give the most forward-thinking data on an inhabitant, network and portfolio level.We are here to comprehend your business scope, lead due perseverance, and administer your utility undertaking to activities.

Payment Processing

Various and adaptable installment choices and same day presenting of installments deciphers on fulfilled inhabitants; steady and convenient payment drive precise planning and guaging for your properties. Inhabitants can get to account data and cover tabs 24 hours per day, 7 days per week by utilizing the Resident Login button at the highest point of the page. Client Care Representatives are accessible Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. Pacific Time.

Billing Reports

Accessible to you on request, Billing Align gives a few unique reports to address your issues. From the inhabitant level to the network level to the portfolio level, you can see immediately how the program is following in clear, brief organizations that are anything but difficult to peruse and understand.Residents can get to their total exchange history.Communities can get to numerous budgetary, billing and segment reports.Portfolios can see outlines of key network reports.

Payment Consulting

Billing Align' experienced staff is prepared to give counsel and direction on your utility costs and utility recuperation programs. We are prepared to help with counseling administrations, for example, Expense Recovery,Billing audits,Budgeting and utility estimating assistance,Billing programming training,Back-end handling and framework design.We are here to comprehend your business scope, lead due determination, and supervise your utility undertaking to tasks.

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