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At Digital Billings, your account is handled by a trained Certified Payments Professional, which is the only accreditation for the merchant services industry. We have over 30 years combined experience in the merchant services business. And that’s not sales experience, that’s account management experience. There’s a big difference.One thing that is amazing about this business is how few barriers to entry there are a new agent. You’d think there is extensive training, licensing and compliance involved. The reality is, it’s shocking how many businesses entrust 90% or more of their transactions to someone with only a very basic understanding of what they are doing, trained in closing sales, not in merchant services.While our clients run their business each day, we work behind the scenes to address and solve questions before they arise, and to find solutions to the questions they don’t yet have. We do this by working in the trenches. We don’t just sell the service, we provide the ongoing support. Meaning we don’t just read off a sales slick, we “get our hands dirty” providing day to day service to our existing clients on the same software, apps, services and hardware we suggest to our prospective clients. We know our products inside and out. And if they break, we are the ones that have to fix them. So we understand the importance of providing the right solutions.

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We thought you’d never ask. Clients of Digital Billings have an ally in the payments industry. They know who they’re going to get when they pick up the phone to call. They can trust that their question will be answered quickly and that they can trust the answers they get. It’s inevitable that sometimes things do go wrong. But our clients don’t fret or worry, they know they have an agent working to make it alright while they go about taking care of their business.In short, we take all the crazy, esoteric parts of this business and put them into implementable solutions for our clients.

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If your business relies on regular payment from your clients – annual, quarterly, monthly or even weekly – you know the feeling. While you know the total you’ve invoiced, you do not know what amounts are going to come in on what dates. And if you count on regular payments, it’s easy to be “lean” by the time those invoices go out. The situation is the same no matter if property manager, health club, magazine publisher or provider of a subscription service. It’s no fun awaiting payments.With automated recurring billing, you gain control over your cash flow. You can set the amount to bill, the billing schedule and number of recurrences, and let the system do the work. Payments are processed automatically and receipts are emailed to your clients. If a card declines, you can receive a an email notice. You can even get reports on which cards are going to expire, or set reminder emails to go to your clients before the payment processes.


Accounts receivable. While it shows on your books as an asset, you know it can quickly become a liability if you don’t get paid. You can’t write a check against an asset to pay your staff, your vendors, or yourself.Is it better to have a 10,000 bucks outstanding receivable, or 9700 bucks and change in the bank tomorrow? For many the latter is preferable. Or, it may depend on the job, the client, the time of year. But by not having the tools to execute the transaction when needed, you forgo the option.Orders paid before they leave your dock, jobs paid for before the crew leaves in the morning, or installment or progress payments collected the day the progress point is met, all with reduced office time spent on issuing, chasing down and tracking invoices. We’ll show you how and when to accept electronic payment on receivables, and how to do so at the lowest total cost and greatest convenience.


An invoice represents a request for payment for goods or services you’ve already rendered. You’ve paid for the materials, labor, equipment, fuel, and all your depreciated fixed costs, to get the job done. The last thing you need is to wait on getting paid. Electronic invoices allow you to get the invoice to your client instantly, and payment to get back to you much faster than waiting on a check.The process is simple. You log in and create an invoice on our systems (or created in QuickBooks and upload to us) which is emailed to your client. They click a link in the email that displays the itemized invoice and a field in which they can enter their credit card info. The payment is processed real time, and the invoice is marked “paid”.Take payment of invoices: If you send paper invoices, include a link to the payment form on the invoice, and watch how much faster you get paid! You may be surprised how often your client is waiting to get paid for someone else to get the cash to write you a check. But they may have plenty of available credit. Tap into that credit and get paid right away.


tickets or gift cards, or you manage a non-profit looking to increase donations, web payment forms are the answer. Web payment forms allow for the convenience of online payment without the hassle of setting up a shopping cart or using a clunky third-party service like Paypal.A web payment form has several applications, but the “why” is simple – they convert clients from “I’ve been meaning to pay but…” to “paid!” We all lead hectic lives, and generally, don’t carry our checkbooks. However, we all have credit cards and cell phone in our pocket, and can immediately go online to pay that invoice, buy the ticket to the event, make the donation, etc. This is basic consumer psychology, leveraged to your benefit via the web payment form.As the forms are hosted, there is no additional security needs (SSL, TLS, HTTPS) and no programming required. We’ll set up the branded payment form for you and provide a payment link or button which you add to your website. Your client clicks the link, submits their payment info via our secure forms, and gets a real-time approved or decline response.

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