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We provides Cyber Horoscope & Astrology Services

Our Origin

Cyber Astro is a widespread affiliation started in New york. Built up by educationalist and helpful Dr. Steave Smith, our focal objective is to improve the life of every individual we interface with by giving greatness in Vedic soothsaying and therapeutic traditions. Dr. Pillai's conviction is that "extraordinary quality is a basic instrument for social change," and his untiring undertakings have made contrasting game plans as precious stone looking and fix organizations, for instance, Numerology Astrology, Birth Astrology, Betel Leaf (Royal), and Vishnu Maya Reading.

Therapeutic Services

Remedial Services fuse Fire Prayers (Homas), Temple and Chruch Services, Energized (Products made out of five segments, pancha loka, strengthened in power functions), and Customized Packages and Programs that accentuation on improving key ordinary issues, for instance, prosperity, reserves, relationship, preparing, etc to fulfill your necessities and bring more noteworthy motivation into your life.

Priest Services

We in like manner pass on Priest Services explicitly to your home or office, or you can take an interest in every practical sense while traditions are performed at our Homa center. Cyber Astro is perpetually sponsoring examination into the Vedic sciences to mix the advances of the obsolete traditions with our bleeding edge science

ISO 9001:2015 affirmed organization

Cyber Astro is an ISO 9001:2015 insisted association. The association's Mission is "Old-fashioned Vedic Wisdom for Modern Times," and it has set up a productive global closeness and got gigantic changes the regions of cash, relationship, occupation, power, prosperity, business, youths/family, travel and helped reason singular issues in the lives of its people/clients.

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We provides Cyber Horoscope & Astrology

Astrology Consult.

Do you have stresses over your future? You would now have the capacity to chat with our lord leading group of Vedic divine prophets to find answers for your life issues. Be it your calling, love, money or relationship issue, you can trust to find striking and extraordinary solutions. It by and large feels extraordinary when you can take help from Vedic diviners to give clarity and offer responses for all of your stresses.

Birth Chart Report

Welcome to the underlying stage in a voyage of Self-Discovery! The Birth Chart exhibits all of your planets, what sign they are in and what degree they are in inside the sign. As a starting stage, research what sign is your Ascendant (first House), what sign your Sun is in and what sign your Moon is in. From the Ascendant, move around the graph a clockwise path to the accompanying sign, and so forth, for every one of the 12 of your homes.

Numerology Report

Numerology can decidedly influence your livelihood prospects. It can perceive your exceptional capacities and provide guidance as for the fields in which you can shimmer. Numerology can similarly alert about challenges and give precious tips about conditions, provoking as a rule progression in the livelihood. You can work with the cycles of destiny that occur all through ordinary help of numerology.

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We provides Cyber Horoscope & Astrology Services


We provides Cyber Horoscope & Astrology Services

Since we hung up, I needed to keep in touch with you in all seriousness help. Something has been moved in me. Despite the fact that I can't tell yet what is it, today I feel much improved, less dreadful.

Patrick A. Lambert

our sessions have been really a leap forward for me. Your capacity to truly get to the core of the natal diagram and interface it to this current life's adventure is completely astonishing. You are having any kind of effect

Randy D. Melton

You furnished me with a major picture outline of everything that has occurred in my life previously and everything that is as of now happening dependent on my Natal Chart & we are happy from overall services.

Clement S. Forte

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We provides Cyber Horoscope & Astrology Services

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