This easy, healthy chicken cordon bleu recipe combines the sweet and tangy flavors of honey and Dijon mustard with baked chicken, ham and melted Swiss cheese for a tasty dish!I was an adult before I ever had the pleasure of tasting chicken cordon bleu, though I always thought saying it was quite fun.To make my cordon blue chicken recipe more flavorful, I created a honey mustard marinade for the chicken before it is cooked and then topped the finished dish with a sweet, tangy Dijon mustard and honey drizzle.


Paneer butter masala With video and step by step photos. Paneer butter masala is a rich and creamy dish of paneer (cottage cheese) in a tomato, butter and cashew sauce (known as makhani gravy). The dish has a lovely tang coming from the tomatoes and is slightly sweet with a creamy and velvety feel to it.This recipe is an easy, quick and delicious method to make paneer butter masala. Within minutes you can prepare this Restaurant style paneer butter masala at home. Called by various names such as butter paneer or butter paneer masala or paneer makhani


The veggie filling recipe makes around 24 to 30 small to medium sized spring roll. The filling has noodles in it. If you want you can skip the noodles altogether or reduce the amount. You can also add bean sprouts in the stuffing. If you are a vegan then you don’t need to make any change in this recipe as its a vegan spring rolls recipe.You can serve vegetable spring rolls hot with red chili sauce or red chili garlic chutney or tomato ketchup Or momos chutney. You can also serve them with schezwan sauce.


Noodles recipe with video and step by step photos. This is an easy and tasty recipe of veg noodles from Indo Chinese cuisine. This veg noodles recipe post shows detailed method with step by step pics & video to cook perfect non sticky noodles and then make veg noodles. Some noodle recipes are made with the stir-frying method. this vegetable noodles is also a stir-fried noodle recipe.This version of veg noodles recipe is neither spicy nor hot but tastes very good. I have not added any chilli sauce but you can add if you want some spiciness in the noodles. the veggies can be of your choice.

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