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Our Standard Courses

  • IB Diploma programme
  • AS & A level , IGCSE
  • CBSE
  • B.TECH(First year)
  • SAT/ ACT
  • GMAT
  • CAT

About Competitive Success

I am Competitive Success Coach ,is an Educator ,Maths master, Engineer,Motivational Speaker and Guide . I am Ex - Maths personnel of FIIT JEE and Aakash Institute.

I have been teaching Maths and motivating students for the last 15 years.

I rouse and urge the understudies to acknowledge ,feel , comprehend the significance of instruction and maths. Loads of understudies have been profited by my dynamic ,incredible and alluring showing style .Through my vigorous and special showing system, a large number of understudies are chosen into IITs and IIMs in INDIA and Harvard ,standford, yale , college of Massachusetts(Amherst/USA) and a lot more colleges of Abroad.


I JS Maths And Educatin Coach function as secretly ONE on ONE for Maths And Motivation with families in MUMBAI and Abroad .I have wide understanding to show the offspring of lofty families .

I work with world class and individuals who know the significance of training. Only one out of every odd family can bear the cost of a best mentor and mine is a select help. My demographic needs the best and for them I work with certainty and kindness in a requesting job .

I give the classes/sessions for a scope of instructive conditions like youngsters requiring additional help after school or arrangement of competitive tests.


First I meet with you and examine your kid's needs and desires , then I make an arrangement and work on that to get your youngster's aspiration and point .
I judge and analyze the issues of understudies and dispose of them and spur the understudies in the zone of intrigue. I show science for IIT-JEE (Mains + Advance),SAT/ACT ,IBDP(HL/SL ), MYP , PYP ,AS and A level ,IGCSE,ICSE,CBSE,GMAT , CAT...etc

Why must you hire JS Maths And Education Coach for your child.

I have many reasons ,which proves that why this ONE on ONE coaching program is more effective than other programs.


During every session , I will utilize the best approach( guiding ,training ,coaching ,exhorting , educating , instructing)to help your youngster at their present phase of advancement and I will educate so that he/she will effectively comprehend ,I will assist your kid with providing notes and additional assets .also ,toward the finish of each class I will quickly tell you about the kid progress in Maths, how can he/she perform and issue faces in certain territories and how to fathom it.
I guarantee your kid's persistent advancement through all sessions. I and your kid will make an arrangement upto another session .Then he/she needs to work likewise.
On the off chance that your kid has encountered any challenges in placing plan into training where he/she has consented to do in past session , Then it implies , it makes a feeling of responsibility and I guarantee that your youngster will get persistent advancement .

I am certain that guardians need to know how their youngsters is getting along , so every four to five sessions ,I will give you input of your kid ,in that you will get the diagram of the things examined with your kid or if any worry point, I will illuminate as well. Presently in the wake of understanding everything, you can ideally comprehend that I accept my position earnestly as I will probably make my understudy arrive at the limit of their potential. How much worth your youngster will get in the wake of taking this ONE on ONE training program ,you can't envision. It would be great ,astonishing and durable. A huge number of dollars of significant worth that your youngster will get by working with me. Infact , I now and then get emails,messages and calls from guardians valuing me that how their youngsters are getting along years after I have finished working with their kids.


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