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Clint Billing is a utility submetering and billing company that specializes in submetering and allocation of water, gas and electric utilities throughout the Italy Region. In response to rising utility costs, the Multifamily Ancillary Group formed California Utility Billing Services in June of 2007 to address specific issues in the Utility Cost Recovery business. We found that local billing companies often lacked the resources needed to perform billing services for larger clients while the existing national providers rarely understood all of the local nuances that were essential to maximizing programs in the California region. Our cost recovery plan quickly gained recognition outside California and soon it was time for a name change.


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Clint Billing has experts available to answer any questions on your community and design the "right" solution for you. With a variety of services, including submetering, RUBS, billing, utility expense management, analysis and consulting, meter maintenance, regulatory support and utility conversation programs, we are able to provide customized solutions to meet your community's needs.A dedicated Sales and National Account Manager is available to answer your questions and resolve issues.

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The course to the whole methodology achievement of our clients and if all else fails Clint Billing is that we are apparent in each piece of our business. We have a working consistence plan that is facilitated by our consistence officer who works identified with our social confirmation legitimate instructor.
Clint Billing respects their ability to go going up against the character of the bosses and their staff. We are a real developing of your office and treat your patients with a proportionate thought and understanding that you do.
Clint Billing is always open to you, your staff and your patients. You will never back off out in the seeing structure coast attempting to pick what number to push. Each person from our get-together, including the principals, are accessible to react to charging or coding questions.


Clint Billing handles the processing and payment of your utility bills from your local providers, allowing your accounting staff to focus on your core business. By doing this, Clint Billing will help reduce late fees, handle interactions with the local utility providers, and facilitate vacant recovery payments.As with all of our services, Clint Billing provides dynamic reporting, allowing you full access to all necessary data relating to your utility expenses.

Convergent Billing allows your residents to receive all of their charges onto a single customer invoice. This includes rent, utilities, pet fees and any other ancillary charge. Convergent billing with Clint Billing simplifies the billing process for residents by enabling them to make one payment for multiple services.When you leave a billing company, you don't think you should have to write off any amounts due. We take on this task for you to collect the full amount due, past and present.

Our tailored collections services are available to maximize your recovery dollars and take this burden off your plate. All notices can be customized to fit your lease terms and conditions.In addition, our real time aging reports provide the most up-to-date information on a resident, community and portfolio level.We are here to understand your business scope, conduct due diligence, and oversee your utility project to operations.

Available to you on demand, Clint Billing provides several different reports to meet your needs. From the resident level to the community level to the portfolio level, you are able to see at a moment's notice how the program is tracking in clear, concise formats that are easy to read and understand.Residents can access their complete transaction history.Communities can access multiple financial, billing and demographic reports.Portfolios can see summaries of key community reports.

Clint Billing' experienced staff is ready to provide advice and guidance on your utility expenses and utility recovery programs. We are ready to assist with consulting services such as Expense Recovery,Billing audits,Budgeting and utility forecasting assistance,Billing software training,Back-end processing and system design.We are here to understand your business scope, conduct due diligence, and oversee your utility project to operations.

Multiple and flexible payment options and same day posting of payments translates to satisfied residents; consistent and timely disbursements drive accurate budgeting and forecasting for your properties. Residents can access account information and pay bills 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by using the Resident Login button at the top of the page. Customer Care Representatives are available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. Pacific Time.

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