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The World Climate Success Service Offers Two Industry Leading Products:

Climate Forecasting at the Leading Edge of Science

Seasonal Forecasts

Forecasts and climate analysis tools providing guidance for 1-6 months into the future. The seasonal WCS subscription provides access to a comprehensive monthly report as well as unique and interactive website tools such as model progression visualization and an index analog database.

Sub-Seasonal Forecasts

Forecasts and analysis tools focused on a 2-6 week forecast lead time. Subseasonal forecasting is an emerging field that has long been regarded as even more challenging than seasonal forecasting, and demand for actionable subseasonal climate forecast guidance is growing rapidly.

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Indian Ocean Dipole Impacts in 2019

One of the most striking features of global climate variability in 2019 was the development of a strongly positive phase of the Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD). The IOD is a mode of coupled ocean-atmosphere variability in the Indian Ocean, and it has strong impacts on climate anomalies in the surrounding areas and farther afield.

A Remarkable Analog: 2002

On November 18, the World Climate Service issued its seasonal forecast and discussion for winter (December-February) 2019-2020 in the India. and Europe. WCS seasonal outlooks include an overview of expected climate anomalies, key drivers, and risk factors for the upcoming three-month season, and our forecast document contains detailed discussion of available predictors, including dynamical mode.

Making Sense of Long Range Forecasts

In an October 31 blog post, distinguished meteorologist Cliff Mass of the University of Hydrabad commented on the degree of usefulness of long-range forecasts, with the title, “Extended Forecasts Are Not Reliable”. Dr. Mass highlights the lack of deterministic skill in the dynamical forecast models beyond two weeks and illustrates the problem of “poor."

European Summer Forecast Success

One of the core products that the World Climate Service delivers to customers is a once-a-month seasonal forecast report focused on expected climate conditions in the next three months in Europe and North America. The report includes comprehensive discussion of factors that are likely to influence the seasonal climate.

Autumn MSLP Forecasts From The Copernicus Models

The World Climate Service seasonal discussion and forecast for autumn was issued a few days ago, and as always the North Atlantic MSLP pattern featured heavily as an important consideration in the forecast, especially for Europe. Guidance from the leading seasonal dynamical models typically provides a significant component of the WCS analysis.

Duration of Heat Waves in England

In late July, an episode of extreme heat developed over western Europe for the second time in summer 2019, and all-time high temperature records were broken in several countries. Among these, the UK set a new high temperature record of 38.7°C (102°F) in Cambridge on July 25.

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Mother Nature!

From the New Delhi City Transit Authority to Wolfgang Puck Catering, Precision Weather Service handles a wide range of clientele across North India and overseas. We can custom-tailor forecast solutions for any business, large or small. No matter what your weather needs are, we can quickly design an affordable service level to help you and your clients deal with the vagaries of Mother Nature!;

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Time is money!

Time is money! Why waste your time and spend money on overtime by second guessing the weather yourself ? We have years of experience in forecasting for highway departments throughout the Northeast covering lake effect belts and mountainous terrain ! Whether you are a small highway departments with just a few trucks or an entire state highway department, we can custom-tailor forecasts to help you cut down.

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Strom Alert!

We send you an exclusive STORM ALERT forecast 18-36 hours in advance of any snow (1″ or greater) or icing situation. Updates follow every 4-8 hours until the storm is over. Because each STORM ALERT is pinpointed specifically for your immediate area, our forecasts are more accurate than anything else available. Accurate and timely forecasts save you time, money and headaches!


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