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We offer a cost-effective pest control services across Bordeaux.

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Eco-Friendly Pest provides On-time and any time services to you.

Commercial Pest Control

In our commercial pest control services, we offer the highest level of pest protection to the pharmaceutical, food industries, warehouse, offices, restaurants, supermarkets, ITes sector, and hospitals, etc.

Residential Pest Control

In our residential pest control services, we offer the highest level of pest protection to the row building, housing society, flats, and bungalow, etc.

About Blink Pest Control Control

Blink Pest Control Control provides pest control services in Bordeaux. We're playing a vital role in the pest control industry across Bordeaux, Maharashtra, France. We’re an ISO certified company, our professionals are verified by Government (Police Verified), highly qualified, intensively trained team and provide eco-friendly and safe pest control at an affordable price. Customers are happy with our pest services, commitments, working process, and behavior of our professional pest control team.

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100% Secure and Safty Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services in Bordeaux

No matters, that your property is commercial or residential, Blink Pest Control Control professional provides the utmost solutions to keep pests away. Our pest control services provide the best treatment plan to tailored your needs. Our various types of pest treatments, residual disinfection, pre-construction projection services, and more. We make sure that your commercial and residential properties remain pest-free.

Residential Pest Control   Commercial Pest Control

Keep your commercial area a pest-free environment with our Blink Pest Control Control services. Our team is highly experienced, Government verified pest professionals, and we provide extensive training on pest control to them. Read More

Commercial Pest Control   Residential Pest Control

Your home is your castle, don't invite pest to take over it. Keep your residential area pest-free with our Blink Pest Control Control services. Police verified pest professionals, experienced and well-trained team will do the job. Read More

Our Pest Control Services in Bordeaux

Cockroach Pest Control
Cockroaches pose a major problem in households, as they have the capacity to contaminate food and surfaces.
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Post Pre Termite Pest Control
Termites are known for their destructive effects on wooden structures, household furniture, and constructions.
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Bed Bug Pest Control Services
Bedbugs are parasites that feed on blood, cause extreme itching and sleepless nights. They damage furniture, curtains, beds, and mattresses.
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Rodent Pest Control Services
Rodents are a dangerous pest at home. Infamous for carrying deadly diseases and contaminating food in the kitchen.
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Wood Borer Pest Control
Wood borer larvae and damage wooden structures and wood based furniture.
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Mosquito Pest Control Service
Mosquitoes are infamous for spreading extremely dangerous diseases such as malaria, dengue, brain fever, cerebral malaria, and filariasis.
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We are the company for eco-friendly and safe pest removal. We know all about dangerous insect and provide insects control treatments.

Why should you choose Blink Pest Control Control?

Blink Pest Control Control has years of experience in various types of pest control treatment, also we are a partner with top leading pest professionals to provide the best, safe and eco-friendly pest solutions across Bordeaux, Maharashtra.

  • Police Verified Staff
  • Highly Skilled Team
  • Eco-friendly Pest Solutions
  • ISO Certifications
  • Fiendly Support
  • Affordable Price

Client Testimonials

Clients are talking about our work quality, On-time delivery, and our highly trained professionals team.

  • The pest control person came at the time appointed. He was very professional, kind, and friendly. He did a great job to get rid of bed bug at my house. I would appreciate the way he did the work. Thank you, guys.

    Hotel Vihang Inn

    General Manager

  • Blink Pest Control Control responded quickly to my concerns. The pest control operators were very polite, efficient and prompt they got right to work and solved my rodent problem. I recommend them to others and would use them again in the future.

    Ultra Tech Cement ltd.

    Project Manager

  • I am very satisfied with the service as I havent faced any cockroach problem after the pest control service by Eco-Friendly Pest

    Builders & Development

    Managing Director

  • I have had a major cockroach problem and used to use other company that couldn't get rid of problems. So I finally called Blink Pest Control Control team, they came here and get rid the cockroach from my home. I recomended them to other.

    L&T Infrastructure ltd.

    Project Manager

  • Blink Pest Control Control has been servicing my restaurant for over a year now. They have always been prompt and dependable. I am very thankful for their excellent pest control operators and its commitment.

    Hotel Wine & Dine

    General Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

The average cost for Pest Control services ranges from. Rs. 600 to Rs. 1,400.
Hiring a professional to control pests, you will likely spend between Rs. 600 to Rs. 1,400 depending upon services that you need. The price of pest control can be changed depends on the various pests, a period of time (one-time, yearly or more), and so on.

The cost of treatment differs according to the type and severity of pest infestation. Expect the basic treatment cost to range between Rs. 600 to Rs. 1,400.

Some of the benefits of hiring pest control are:

  • An important reduction in repeated allergies and skin irritations.
  • Reduced chance of contracting severe health problems like dengue, malaria, typhoid, and dysentery.
  • An eco-friendly and healthier environment at both your home and your workplace.
  • Better sleep, as sleep, is often disturbed when you know that pests are crawling about.

Generally 2 to 4 hours or until dry. The technician will inform you in advance of any precautions required by the label and our safety policy. If you have any questions you can always feel free to call our office.

100% Secure and Safty Pest Control Services