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Axer Billing offers little neighborhood governments and non-benefits a uniquely fitted programming game plan like no other. We can streamline your entire accounting structure and improve your capability by outfitting one accounting the board system with an earth shattering through and through layout of records called BARS. We offer streamlined Government and Non-advantage accounting answers for fiscal, finance, cash receipting, Axer Billing and permitting.

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# About Our History

For more than 18 years, Axer Billing has served minimal adjacent governments by giving practical responses for a tangled game plan of accounting measures. Headquartered in Spokane, Washington, Axer Billing staff passes on a wide arrangement of experience to accounting, extending our ability to plan and give unmatched assistance to our clients. We direct planning in a friendly and master way while getting a handle on bleeding edge development.

Axer Billing Software streamlines your accounting methodology by offering a common organization structure with a standard Chart of Accounts (BARS). Tendency Accounting will grow your efficiency by lessening over the top data section and human slip-up while intensifying your ability to settle on all around taught fiscal decisions.

Our middle applications include: Financial Solutions, Axer Billing, Cash Receipting/Licensing, Permitting, and Payroll. All applications are totally planned with the BARS System.

# Our Services

Online Utility Payments

Various customers today are mentioning that their urban regions and administration associations offer online utility installment. It's continuously useful, it saves time, and they don't have to find a stamp when it's an incredible chance to pay their bills. Affiliations that offer online bill installment moreover acknowledge colossal focal points. They can reduce the amount of staff required for getting ready installments, put aside additional money, experience less late installments, and improve customer relations by offering more noteworthy installment choices. Axer Billing constrained by Xpress is the most direct course for your relationship to offer online utility installment to your customers. We set everything up for you, we keep up the system on our ensured servers, and we fuse effectively with utility programming. The point of convergence of our thought is to outfit your relationship with a rich administrative interface for complete organization of your customers that usage BIAS Online filled by Xpress organization.

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Axer Billing

Axer Billing is proposed to manage all your utility charging necessities. It is immovably consolidated with the general record, cash receipting, and bank liabilities parts. Endless meter numbers and customers can exist in Axer Axer Billing, and each predefined class' salary is unreservedly pursued for careful installment allotment. Axer Billing uses particular customer profiles to screen customer account development. The customer account screen reinforces different information types, including: account balance, charges, development, notes, account history, installments, mailing records, and names.

Online Accounting

Our accounting organizations are sensible for each and every adjacent government. We offer month to month organizations reliant on your prerequisites. We can go comparably similar to your full organization Finance Director or focus on one zone, for instance, bank bargain Our redistributed bookkeeping is a pervasive choice among clients wanting to fill a short lived or never-ending need . Essentially fax, yield, or mail your sales, store slips and bills to us. We'll enter your trades, oblige your records and set your bills up for installment. We sign in to a submitted PC on area and complete the work.

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# Our Clients Reviews

We have been incredibly awed with how well Axer Billing capacities with our QB Online Account. The assistance was amazing and advancement cutting edge. The best out there!


I've been exceptionally happy with the item and the organization. We're starting at now growing our receivables and having the ability to use our own seller account is saving us vital money.