Amber Bill Pay and Billing Management

There is a great deal to consider when searching for the best incorporated Visa processor for your business. Most vendors concur that it is critical to get the best rates, yet there is much more to consider. Traders need their dealer specialist organization to be their confided in companion and guide through the installments business. On the off chance that you don't comprehend your bill, we will teach you on how you are right now valued.

Credit card and installment handling are only a little piece of the ABP Payments arrangements driven model. ABP Payments is a FinTech and we highly esteem being charge card industry specialists. We work industriously to get you the most reduced Mastercard handling rates, lessen your hazard, and give the best answers for your business. We give dependable support of each business and each installment. Additionally, we do this all at a negative expense to your organization. With regards to installments, don't make due with not exactly APS!

About UsThe Fast Bill Payments

ABP Payments is continually growing new programming arrangements and integretations perfect with traders' bookkeeping, POS, and eCommerce programming. ABP ClickToPay is a protected method to have solicitations paid by your clients with one simple snap. In the event that a prebuilt combination isn't accessible for the business arrangements you use, we have an API accessible to build up a custom incorporation.

If you have card-present transactions, you should ask if ABP Payments can provide your business with a fully integrated EMV credit card terminal. This will eliminate the need for double entry, lower chargeback risk, and lower transaction fees. Prevent counterfeit chargebacks!

Any merchant or business that would like to charge the same amount to the same payment card on a regular basis can do so with automated recurring billing without the customer having to enter the payment details each time. Some examples of recurring payments are memberships that require dues, subscriptions that need to be renewed and utility payments. With Amber Bill Pay, you can easily create and manage flexible recurring payments that are convenient for you and your customers. Our efficient payment platform offers the best online solutions for recurring payments and subscription models.

FeaturesOnline Payments

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SMS Payments

Amber Bill Pay offers SMS installment answers for cook the businesses engaged with micropayment. It is an incredible elective installment strategy for low edge exchanges. SMS installments empower clients of paying for merchandise, administrations or items by means of an instant message. By utilizing SMS installments, cell phone clients can safely and rapidly pay vendors, purchase administrations, make stores or send settlements.

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Payment Tokenization

For organizations wishing to acknowledge different installments from a client's card, without the PCI DSS consistence weight of mentioning and holding the card numbers safely for each exchange, we offer Card Payment Tokenization arrangements. With a large portion of the banks pushing for installment tokenization to verify the charge card use on versatile and web, we can support you.

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Closed Wallet Services

E-wallets have been around for a long while and their ubiquity has been increasing at an exponential rate. Advanced wallets have nearly become installment banks in the eCommerce business. Amber Bill Pay offers vendor explicit shut wallet arrangements that permit your clients to pay cash progressing.

Our Clients Feedback

  • "Their client assistance is basically remarkable, they addressed the entirety of our inquiries and strolled us through the whole procedure. I earnestly prescribe them, you won't be grieved! "


  • "Amber Bill Pay has made the way toward getting installments from customers a lot more viable! Making it simpler for our customers to pay has cut our Accounts Receivable turnaround time almost into equal parts and given us colossal true serenity! " "